Really bad injury from the looks of it early here. Devin Booker apparently suffered a strained left adductor (whatever that is) in tonight’s 126-113 loss to the Toronto Raptors. The injury comes just a night after Booker scored 46 points to beat the rising 76ers on Monday night.

Booker appeared to not be able to put any weight on his left leg, with his interim head coach Jay Triano speculating the seriousness of the injury:

“I’ve seen guys get carried off and play the next day and guys not,” Triano said. “I’ll let the doctors figure out the severity of it. I’m sure they’ll have to do an MRI or something to see and make sure we take care of him the right way.”

Bad situation all around for Booker. One of the biggest rising stars in the league and a guy who seems to be able to score at ease at such a young age, Booker is on a TERRIBLE team and now appears to have suffered a pretty terrible injury to match. Gotta hope something like this doesn’t affect his explosiveness long term, hope the injury isn’t as serious as it looks early on.