Derek Jeter is off to a rough start as the Marlins Owner. There’s a wealth of stories I could link but you can just google his name, the early returns are not promising on Jeets. He seems like a dick and doesn’t seem capable of running a team. However, if he makes smart baseball decisions during this rebuild all will likely be forgotten, as wins and losses run our culture. So, lucky for him, teams are fucking lining up to take 10 years and $270 million of Giancarlo Stanton of his hands. I say “Take” for a reason, that contract alone makes Stanton basically a zero in terms of trade value. Just shedding his contract is basically a win, remember, he went completely unclaimed this past summer. Guess what though, the Giants are willing to take on a whopping $250M of the $270M AND give them their top 4 prospects!! Sure, its the Giants top 4 which is like the White Sox 8-12, but still! Look at this offer

So the Giants want to take on $250M and are willing to give up this to do it…

A 55 FV SS who would start for the Marlins next season, and is a former 1st round pick with a 60 hit grade and 5 years of control.

A former 1st round pick who could also easily start in the Majors next season who’s a 50 FV with 60 Power. 6 years of control.

Another former 1st round pick, and another MLB ready prospect who could be the Marlins #4 starter or something next season. 6 years of control.

And a 4th 50 FV, once again a first round pick. This time its an extremely raw and toolsy OF who tore up Rookie Ball.

Oh and they shed $250 Million. For context, if we value a win at 8 Million, Stanton needs to put up about 31 wins over the next 10 years to be worth the monetary investment. And thats if Arroyo, Beede, Shaw and Ramos contribute nothing in the future. For a team looking to strip it down and restart, this is a no brainer.

*Yes, Jeter may not have the option to pull the trigger as Stanton waits out the Angels and Dodgers, but if he Stanton gives this trade the go and Jeter holds out for more and furthers delays the winter he’s a fool*