Monday’s Steelers-Bengals game was filled with big hits and injuries, making a splash in both the football and social media worlds. Players like Juju Smith-Schuster and George Iloka were each suspended for a game (Iloka now brought down to just a fine), while others like Ryan Shazier (and to a degree Vontaze Burfict) received significant injuries in the Steelers 23-20 win.

Naturally many of the players were asked to give their two sense on the events of Monday night. Steelers safety Mike Mitchell held NOTHING back, giving us an all time video earlier today:

COULDN’T be more spot on here. While everything regarding things like CTE are very tragic and unfortunate, players have known about the risks they are under by playing in the NFL for several years now. While we never want to see an injury like Shazier’s, who the Steelers have been said to be “cautiously optimistic” about, it is part of the game, and people are starting to forget that at a CRAZY rate. The announcers on Monday acted like they’ve never seen anyone get injured on a football field before. I get that it is probably their jobs now to react like that, it just does not do the league any justice at all. These guys work their ass of to be successful and safe at their jobs, not to prance around playing two hand touch. Football is a physical game, and the players know now more than ever before the effects that go along with it. While some (especially now-retired players) have spoken very adamantly against how the NFL have acted in regards to player safety, many (if not more) play their asses off knowing and accepting the potential safety risks.

Mike Mitchell could not be more right here. These guys are playing football. If the NFL wants it to be flag football, go for it, just don’t flip flop on these issues to such an insane degree. The NFL makes MILLIONS of dollars on the violence of the game and still proceeds to take thousands of dollars away from these guys who don’t necessarily deserve it. While hits like Smith-Schuster and Gronkowski’s were definitely deserving of their penalties, football is such a fast paced game that some of these hits are the result of rapidly changing moves and angles, and these guys know this! Not necessarily against what the NFL is doing, the NFL does need to change in ways to be able to exist years down the road, but they have to be more concrete in their stances and not flip flop whenever it is convenient for them.