For those of you who don’t know who Luka Doncic is, you are going to real soon:

Doncic is an 18 year old Slovenian phenom who currently plays for Real Madrid. Doncic’s name is being thrown around a lot of early mock drafts as a potential number 1 draft pick next year.

I NEED a Doncic-Zipser-Mirotic-Markkanen Core 4. No team would be safe. Forget the Warriors or the Celtics, the European Bulls would be the team to beat, no questions asked.

In all honesty, the Bulls need to trade Mirotic ASAP to get as much in return as possible and STOP WINNING GAMES!! They are currently riding a hell of a win streak and are still without Zach Lavine which is kinda crazy to think about. While I would rather get a guy like Bagley or Porter Jr, Doncic does look like a really special talent. Powerful guard that is aggressive on both sides of the ball, something that the Bulls would desperately need moving forward.