Technicality In Mirotic’s No Trade Clause Gives Bulls Leverage2 min read

Technicality In Mirotic’s No Trade Clause Gives Bulls Leverage<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

The Bulls and Niko Mirotic are on the same page right now, as both sides would like to see Mirotic shipped elsewhere as the franchise continues their rebuild. Where Niko will be playing after the trade deadline, though, is another issue. Mirotic was given a No Trade Clause in his 2 year deal this offseason, with the 2nd year of the deal being a team option. Niko has made his preferred destinations known to the fron office, but his demands may not make a difference if another team comes in with an offer GarPax can’t refuse. What many (myself included) did not realize at the time is that the NTC in Niko’s deal becomes null & void if the Bulls decide to pick up his team option before the trade deadline.

It would be extreme if the front office had to resort to that move, and all parties involved are hoping a trade gets made without the front office having to override Niko’s wishes. The contract, which was chastised by many at the time, has turned out to be a lucrative deal for both Niko & GarPax, as Mirotic has had a career year even after getting his face broken, while the Bulls can now use him to acquire a valuable future asset.

The Jazz have been early to engage and have dangled PF Derrick Favors, who is an intriguing player but is on an expiring deal and will almost certainly command more than the 11.75M he is making this season. GarPax will almost certainly push for a 1st round pick to be included in any potential trade, so it’s unclear at this point if they are seriously considering the offer. Other teams rumored to be interested in the stretch 4’s services are the Trailblazers, Pistons and Knicks.

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