After Lonzo helped the Lakers beat the Spurs last night, it is ok to admit that Lonzo is not a total scrub. Over the first part of his rookie season in the NBA he is averaging 10/7/7. Those aren’t small baller numbers.

Many want to say he is a bum because of his father but Lonzo is on his way to being a huge baller. Now its time to look at some ways he can do that:

  1. Stop shooting like an idiot: It is possible to have an abnormal shot and still be successful. Lonzo has gotten off to a tremendously bad start shooting the ball but he keeps saying he is not worried about it. He should wait for the offseason and either change his entire shot entirely or make some tweaks.
  2. Keep doing the little things: We know he is not a shooter. Despite this, he still affects the game in almost every other area. He can rebound, pass, and although not a great defender, is still active as he’s averaging about 1.5 steals a game. Rebounds mean he can start fast breaks and get others involved by seeing the open man in transition. The steals indicate that the passion is there to get better and his defense will come.
  3. Grow out hair: Big ballers should not have buzz cuts. It exposes his ears and draws attention to his face, which is not the best. I know from experience that buzz cuts are easy to get and Great Clips are great at giving them. After my junior year of high-school, I realized that buzz cuts are for small ballers and Great Clips is not the only place that people go to get their haircut.

If Lonzo does 2 out of these 3 things, he will be a bigger and better baller. His brothers on the other hand…………are already the biggest ballers.