The Cavs Stink and They’re Blaming Kevin Love2 min read

The Cavs Stink and They’re Blaming Kevin Love<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">2</span> min read</span>

Live look at the Cavs

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I mean we are sitting on a Gold Mine right now folks. If there’s one things that a Lebron James team is going to do, they’re going to give you some absolute money content. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. There’s nothing that gets me out of bed in the morning like a Bron Bron team imploding, it’s just too good. Let’s walk through and break down everything that’s happened with the Cavs this year.

Derrick Rose legitimately left the team for almost two months because he was bored of basketball. A guy on the team literally said he’s gotta take some time off just to figure some stuff out. Nobody says a word.

Tristan Thompson, your 80 million dollar man, is not only heinously bad at basketball all of the sudden, but he’s having a baby with Khloe Kardashian. Your 80 million dollar man is about to be the father of Khole Kardashian’s baby. Again, let’s not talk about that.

– I don’t think JR Smith has made a shot all year. Can someone check that for me?

Iman Shumpert gets hurt every game.

Isaiah Thomas couldn’t prevent my grandmother who has had about four hip replacements from getting to the rim.

Father Of Three is yelling at every single coach, about to get Ty Lue fired, and hasn’t played an ounce of defense in a month. What a leader

Dwyane Wade…I’ll never cross Dwyane because by the transitive property that means I insult Gabby, and hell will freeze over before that happens. Top 10 couple out there and both are Bulls for life. Miss these two so much

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Knowing what we know now, after everything that’s happened, this team is going to blame EVERYTHING ON KEVIN LOVE?!?! BECAUSE THE GUY CAUGHT A STOMACH BUG?!?! Are you KIDDING me?? Kevin Love needs to get as far away from Cleveland as possible. Has there ever been a more underappreciated player in the history of basketball? Fascinating to consider. The guy is a career 20 and 10 guy throughout his career. For all of you “Michael had Scottie Pippen” morons, Scottie averaged 16 and 6, for conversation’s sake. This guy legitimately averages 20 and 10 and is treated like pond scum. From now on anything that happens in my life that’s bad, I’m blaming Kevin Love. Cavs will stay Cavs and Kings will stay Kings, I’m sure we’re in for more drama. The gift that keeps on giving.

(My spin zone here is that Kevin might have called Lebron a bad word and if you do that to a man with kids, this is what happens. We’ll see if that comes out)

I’ve gotta go to class now, thanks Kevin Love.


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