LeGM Has Made His Influence Known: Dissecting the Cavs Huge Trade Deadline4 min read

LeGM Has Made His Influence Known: Dissecting the Cavs Huge Trade Deadline<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">4</span> min read</span>

Well then. Less than 12 hours after a thrilling Cavs OT victory over the Timberwolves, Cleveland has shipped essentially half of their roster around the league, in return gathering some younger, less defensively challenged players. And let’s not overlook that they managed to keep the Brooklyn pick in the process! Let’s go over some of the wins and losses from the Cavs flurry of deals today;

IT for Nance & Clarkson


  • IT was struggling mightily, and absolutely no help to the Cavs floundering defense. He did not seem happy at all in Cleveland and it was looking like neither side wanted to see him return in 2018. So getting value for him right now saves some face.
  • In Nance & Clarkson, the Cavs acquired 2 players under contract until 2020, and Nance still being on his rookie deal.
  • Jordan Clarkson will be a quality 6th man off the Cavs bench, and will be able to run the 2nd team offense without much struggle. Larry Nance is a springy big man who can do a little bit of everything. It will be interesting to see these young players perform in their first meaningful NBA minutes.
  • The Cavs sent out a first round pick, but it was NOT the Brooklyn pick. Cleveland committed heavily to their present without mortgaging the future, which will at least partially cover their asses if LeBron still decides to ditch The Land for a second time.


  • When the Kyrie trade was made, there were numerous side-by-side comparisons of IT & Kyrie, many arguing that the two players’ values were fairly even. And with all due respect to Isaiah, this was ridiculous at the time and is even more so now. IT has been a shell of himself since returning from injury, and one could make the argument that Brad Stevens’ system did a great job of highlighting IT’s offensive strengths, something that coaching wizard Tyronn Lue was never able to execute. Now all that is left of the Cavs supposed Kyrie replacement, is Larry Nance & Jordan Clarkson, while also having to shell out their own pick this year.
  • As mentioned above, neither Clarkson nor Nance have played in a meaningful NBA game their entire careers, so who knows how they will respond to the greater intensity that comes along with playing on a team with Finals or bust expectations.
  • Tossed in as an afterthought in this trade, it should not be understated the impact that Channing Frye has had in the Cavaliers locker room. The Cavs locker room is not exactly the prime example of a team with great culture, but who knows where it would have been without Frye. His veteran presence will surely be missed behind the scenes.

Jae Crowder, Iman Shumpert & Derrick “Derek” Rose for George Hill & Rodney Hood


  • Cavs GM Koby Altman sent out their roster’s flotsam, and got two very useful players in return. It was becoming apparent that Crowder’s effectiveness in Boston was propped up by the Stevens system, and again, Coach Lue was unable to replicate the success. Derrick Rose has fallen so far in the NBA hierarchy that Woj couldn’t even bother to spell his name correctly in his tweet, and was subsequently released by Utah. Iman was, in a word, terrible.
  • Now coming back to Cleveland are Rodney Hood, who has been enjoying a career scoring year at 16.8 PPG and just found himself in a sticky situation falling behind surprise wunderkin Donovan Mitchell, and George Hill, who is a supremely talented defender that was mired in Sacramento aka Vlade & Vivek’s playhouse. Both of these players will help immensely to improve the Cavs near league worst defense, and Hood’s ability to create his own shot will be a particularly welcome addition for a Cleveland roster that has desperately needed it since Irving’s departure.


  • While they gave out essentially nil in usable basketball talent, the Cavs have hitched their wagon to a banana boatload of money with these 2 players. Rodney Hood is a restricted FA in 2018, and will command a significant pay raise, something probably in the mid-teen range. Additionally, George Hill is in the first year of a 3 year / $57M contract that Vlade Divac handed him this past offseason. For the opportunity to keep the 2nd greatest player of all time around, it is a worthwhile endeavor, but if King James leaves, these contracts will leave the front office financially strapped.

Dwyane Wade for a heavily protected 2nd round pick


  • This was a classy move by the Cleveland front office, allowing a reunion for DWade (3, WoW, whatver he likes to call himself now) to rejoin a Heat team that has performed in line with how they ended last season.


  • Wade was playing pretty well off the bench, so his absence will actually be felt, unlike Shumpert & Rose.
  • LeBron is now without any other banana boat members.

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