Selection Committee Reveals Top 16 Teams1 min read

Selection Committee Reveals Top 16 Teams<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> min read</span>

Exactly one month away from Selection Sunday, the NCAA Tournament Committee has released the current top 16 teams in the Tournament field. This is the 2nd season the Committee has done this and honestly, they should keep this going and even make 2 announcements a season.

South Region – Atlanta

#1 Virginia (1)
#2 Cincinnati (8)
#3 Michigan State (11)
#4 Tennessee (13)

East Region – Boston

#1 Villanova (2)
#2 Duke (7)
#3 Texas Tech (10)
#4 Ohio State (14)

Midwest Region – Omaha

#1 Xavier (3)
#2 Auburn (5)
#3 Clemson (9)
#4 Oklahoma (16)

West Region – Los Angeles

#1 Purdue (4)
#2 Kansas (6)
#3 North Carolina (12)
#4 Arizona (15)

Instant reaction, there is no reason Oklahoma should be a top 16 team. This team struggles on the road and has been sub-par of late losing 6 of their last 8. I think Michigan State and Texas Tech are under-seeded and that Cincinnati and Kansas should drop to the 3 line. Overall, it seems that the focus is quadrant 1 wins, which is how Virginia takes the top spot despite their loss yesterday to Virginia Tech.


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