Big East and MSG Agree to Extension Through 2028

It was a pretty big weekend for the Big East both inside and out of Madison Square Garden for many reasons. Sunday’s news that the arena and conference agreed to terms on an extension was some of the biggest and most important for the Big East since realignment. 

If you recall, the Big Ten made a move to take over MSG last season and was forced to hold their conference tournament a week earlier than major conferences usually play their conference tournaments, a.k.a. Mid-Major Week. Just a few months ago, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney said he wanted to bring the Big Ten Tourney back to MSG and he wouldn’t settle for Mid-Major Week. It is with great pleasure I can say, SUCK IT JIM! The Big East isn’t going anywhere. Not only was the site secured, they also agreed that the Big East will always play in the days leading up to Selection Sunday. 

Big time props to Big East commissioner Val Ackerman for getting the deal done, especially with the opt-out opportunity coming up soon for either party. Big East basketball and Madison Square Garden are some of the last remaining ties to the past in College Basketball. Since realignment, and the traveling circus that has become conference tournaments, no league and venue has stayed together longer than these two. 

This wasn’t the only big news of the weekend either. Ackerman also hinted at the fact that the Big East would still play a true round-robin schedule (meaning everyone plays everyone twice a year in a home-and-home series) if they added an 11th team. Hmm, I wonder who she could be speaking of.

Most expect the Big East and UConn to be reunited sooner than later given the arrival of Danny Hurley – assuming the Huskies can return to Big East level play. The marriage between UConn and the American hasn’t been great at all and it could spell trouble for the UConn football program. If you recall, UConn made a pitch to join the Big 12 just a few years ago before the conference decided to stick with 10 schools. 



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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