Go With The Flow Podcast: February 19th

On this week’s episode of Let Me B-Frank’s #1 hockey podcast, the boys give an instant reaction to the 8-7 shootout between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Ottawa Senators. The Blackhawks are surging at the right time and have caught the slipping Minnesota Wild at the absolute worst time as their season seems to be slipping through their fingertips. Dan, Nick, and Kevin discuss just exactly is going on up in Minnesota and why this keeps on happening to the Wild. Aleksander Barkov had a Goal Of The Year nominee earlier this week and it brings to mind just why this kid is still so under the radar. Don Cherry had a viral rant about the Hurricane’s post-game celebrations and it is put up for debate if his comments were fair or not. Finally, they go over the trade deadline scenario in Canada’s capital city and whether or not Matt Duchene and Mark Stone will be Senators come next week. Tune in to our inaugural Spotify episode and don’t be afraid to subscribe and leave any comments/suggestions for future topics. Enjoy!


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