Parkey to be Released by Chicago Bears: Reaction

In some of the least surprising news of the NFL offseason, it was reported that the Chicago Bears will release kicker Cody Parkey when the league year begins on March 13. The release of Cody Parkey, from a football perspective, doesn’t come as a surprise, coming after a disastrous season where Parkey was 23/30 on field goal attempts and missed 3 PAT’s. However, there was always the thought money may keep Parkey around, seeing that he is was under contract for $9MM guaranteed, with a dead cap hit of about $5.2MM in 2019 if released. Luckily, the football decision was made.

Anyone who remotely paid attention to football this year knows why Cody Parkey was released. It wasn’t the 7 misses, it wasn’t the missed winner in Miami, hell, it wasn’t even the four post shots against the Lions at Soldier Field.

Yes, all those played a role, but all could be forgiven. Until that one fateful night in January.

After an incredible season for the Bears, going from worst to first in the NFC North and looking like a possible Super Bowl contender, every fan’s worst dreams were realized when Parkey came out to attempt a 42 yard game winner in the Wild Card round at home against the Eagles down 15-16. After Parkey trotted out there and made the ice attempt, well, the rest is history.

And no, the blocked kick this was changed to doesn’t change my opinion. The ball gets tipped at the line, that’s on the kicker. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to grow a brain and understand how football works.

Witnessing Parkey’s double doink live was absolutely heartbreaking. I was sitting in the nosebleeds even with the goalpost, so I couldn’t tell if it was going in, and couldn’t really tell that there was in fact a second doink. I can still confidently say that that is the only sporting event I have ever watched where I felt physically ill at the outcome – and yes, that was definitely because of Parkey’s miss, not the Miller Lite and hot dogs. You can read some instant reaction from that game courtesy of LMBF’s own Kevin Bartman here.

And to top it all off, there was the self-serving, pity parade Parkey threw for himself on the Today Show, where he was given the “most honorable player award”. I mean, the guy did himself absolutely no favors, and this was likely the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Being honest, this man could never have played again for the Bears. Parkey suiting up in Bourbonnais for 2019 training camp, let along the season, would have been an absolute disaster. The fans would have revolted and it would have been an absolute PR nightmare. I mean, when you have meatballs like myself out there, Parkey lining up for kicks next year would have been ugly fast.

So, kudos to the Bears for making the right decision on Parkey. Yeah, the dead cap space hurts, but we got a QB on a rookie deal and very few players leaving in free agency. In football, more than any other sport, you never know when your window is going to close. I mean, look at Minnesota, Atlanta, Carolina, Jacksonville, etc. from recent years who have failed to make the playoffs after making deep playoff runs. Unless you are coached by Bill Belichik or Nick Saban, there are no guarantees in this sport. This is a team that will have Super Bowl aspirations next year, and we can’t have an absolute liability like Cody Parkey taking the field when we open against Green Bay at Soldier Field next season.

Wakey Wakey, Rodger!


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