Is Zion Really That Good?

Is Zion Really That Good? 1

Since the start of the NBA and College basketball seasons, many casual fans have been excited for Zion Williamson, a forward playing for Duke. If you have paid any attention to basketball this year you have probably heard, “Oh we are tanking for Zion.” Even though he has been hailed as the next Lebron is he even that good?

Zion is without a doubt a good basketball player and he will most likely be an all-star at some point in his life but is he worthy of becoming a legend? Is he good enough to have his name be brought up around the likes of MJ or Lebron or Magic? I’m not convinced. Like I said there is no doubt he will be a good player but right now there are some flaws in his game.


Is Zion Really That Good? 2

Zion has the body of Lebron and that’s why he is being so hyped up. He is a tank. He is 285 pounds of pure muscle. But he lacks height at 6’7. Now to us mere mortals, that’s pretty tall but for him to play power forward where he is most suited to play he is going to be pretty undersized. There have been plenty of undersized centers and power forwards who have succeeded in the NBA. Moses Malone comes to mind, he was an undersized center but he is probably the greatest rebounder of all time. It will just be hard for him to finish amongst the trees if he wants to be successful.


Is Zion Really That Good? 3

If Zion wants to be successful he will have to learn to pass. Right now he is averaging a somewhat decent 2.3 assists a game. But watching him play he just puts his head and drives to the hoop. Which right now is good for him because he is an athletic monster and he can just bully his way to the hoop but in the NBA when he is facing stronger guys and guys who are smarter defensively too, he will have to learn to pass and not turnover the ball all the time. Right now his assist to turnover ratio is 1 because he is averaging as many assists as turnovers which is a horrible stat to have.


Is Zion Really That Good? 4

While Zion is averaging 68% FG which is a great, his 29% 3pt is pretty alarming. And he is shooting 2 a game so it’s not like he isn’t trying. He also is shooting 67% from the charity stripe. All of these are glaring numbers. In today’s NBA you have to be able to shoot to be successful in most cases. Having a shot has almost become a necessity at this point so he will definitely have to work on that if he wants to be worthy of a 1st pick.

This may sound crazy but there is a high chance he ends up being the next Anthony Bennett. In fact, they are both very similar, in college they both were athletic monsters who were great rebounding and driving to the rim. Both of them were undersized for a big man. Both of them couldn’t really shoot. And both were big muscular forwards. I don’t think Zion will end up being like Anthony Bennett but it is a possibility.

If I were to be completely honest I think Zion will end up being like Kenneth Faried but probably be a better post scorer. So don’t put all your money on Zion. He is a great talent but he just has some glaring issues. If I were the team with the first pick I’d take Barret or Reddish just because I think they have more upside and are ready for the NBA. As I have said before Zion is a great player and maybe one day he’ll make me eat my words but just taking everything into consideration it can be concluded that Zion isn’t the next MJ or LeBron.


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