Tim Anderson is Lighting Up the Cactus League

Tim Anderson, TA7 to those keeping score at home, has been absolutely tearing up Cactus League pitching for the White Sox in Spring Training. In what has been an arduous last two weeks (and offseason in general), this is surely a welcome development. While this may come as no surprise to myself (Tim is a 2x LMBF fantasy baseball champion on my team, after all), many around the baseball world may not be familiar with TA7. Allow me to make the introduction:

Thus far through Spring Training, TA7 is batting a cool .500 with 5 RBI’s and a homer in 14 at bats. For those of you that are sabermetrically inclined, that comes out to a 1.500 OPS, which my stats people tell me is quite good.

And the intangibles? TWTW? I present evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Tim already has that at October 2005 levels:

All this coming after an offseason where it was rumored that Tim would move to CF or somewhere else to make room for some nobody SS that ended up signing in San Diego. And what was Tim’s reaction to that whole saga concluding? You can watch for yourself:

Damn right. Ride with us or get run over. TA7’s got no time for this garbage. And sure, I’m still pissed at Kenny and Jerry and Rick (Hahn, moreso than Renteria) for their abject failures this offseason. That anger isn’t going away anytime soon. But I’ll support our guys on the field til the cows come home. So when I hear Tim Anderson talking about riding with us or getting run over? That’s my God Damn Shortstop, just call me the bus driver.

The hot spring hitting? The fiery words that make you want to run through a brick wall for a (likely) 100 loss season? What does this all mean?

Logically, just pencil TA7 in for the All Star Game, Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, and MVP in 2019. Write it in stone, folks.

Tim Anderson is Lighting Up the Cactus League 1

Manny who?


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