Harper Wants to Bring a Title Back to D.C.?

During his initial press conference with MLB Tonight after putting on a Phillies jersey, Harper seemed excited to be with his new team, even if he said he wanted his old team to win a title.

 In a news conference, Harper stated, “We want to bring a title back to D.C.” Bryce seems to have forgotten he just signed a $330 million dollar contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. He may not be all that far from D.C., but I guess they sound similar? Bryce didn’t seem to catch into his little bat of misspeaking, but many others did including MLB.com and other news sources as well as the Mets’ ace Noah Syndergaard.

Thor poked some fun at Harper’s forgetful statement on Instagram with the following post:

Harper Wants to Bring a Title Back to D.C.? 1

Seeing players poke fun at each other is great for the sport, especially for a bit of the rivalry that Syndergaard and Harper have. One of the top pitchers and one of the top hitters in the game? Yeah, they’re going to be battling every match up they have, especially after Syndergaard had called Harper a “douche” earlier in their careers.

You’ve gotta love a bit of fun by players in a game where characters and personalities are more rare than they are in other professional sports. Baseball is still a bit of a classic gentleman’s game compared to the NHL or NBA but fans always love all-stars with personalities that grab their attention but also bring attention to the game. All in good fun and sometimes serious, but good to see the humor both on and off the field.


Drew Schroeder

I earned an expensive English degree where I studied classic literature and writing. So, naturally, I write about sports now.

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