MLB Free Agency: Who’s Left and Where Should They Sign?

So the first dominoes have fallen with Harper and Machado finally signing their big deals and Spring training is in full swing. Surprisingly, a number of solid free agents still remain unsigned. The following is a list of the noteworthy remaining unsigned free agents as well as their ideal landing spots.

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Jose Bautista (LF, RF, 3B)

Does Joey Bats still have anything left in the tank? It’s hard to say. Is he worth a flyer for a minor league deal and a two week spring training tryout? Absolutely.

Best fit: San Francisco Giants

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Bartolo Colon (SP, Sex-symbol)

The baseball-gods are fielding daily prayers that Big-sexy gets signed, thus staving off retirement. He had a pretty meh year with Texas last year but so did the Rangers as a whole. His next landing spot would likely be with a non-contender looking for rotational depth.

Best fit: Chicago White Sox

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Evan Gattis (C, LF, DH)

Gattis had a rough 2018 batting only .225 with an abysmal .284 OBP. With that being said he did hit 25 long balls, and every team can benefit from that late in the game. A pinch-hitting role might suit Gattis with the right team.

Best fit: Kansas City Royals (Especially if the Salvador Perez injury is serious)

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Gio Gonzalaez (SP)

Gonzalez had a pretty mediocre season stat-wise in 2018 but he ate a large number of innings (170). The veteran still has plenty in the tank and a number of teams would be lucky to have him

Best Fit: San Diego Padres

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Adam Jones (CF, LF)

I am pretty surprised that the long time Oriole has yet to sign. At 33 he still has a lot left in the tank. I do not necessarily buy into signing a guy based on their clubhouse presence but there are a number of teams that do. According to Ken Rosenthal Jones is working out in Arizona and is in great shape.

Best Fit: Arizona Diamondbacks

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Dallas Keuchel (SP)

It is pretty bizarre to see this former Cy Young winner teamless just a few weeks out but this off-season has bred a number of obscure outcomes. I still have Keuchel as a top 20 starter in baseball and every team would benefit from his presence. The number of teams willing to pay him is a different story. If no one signs him he looks like he would still have a very succesful career in IPA brewing.

Best Fit: Cincinnati Reds

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Craig Kimbrel (RP,CP)

One of the most effective closers in the game last year is left unsigned for the second year straight (cc: Greg Holland). Kimbrel, like Keuchel, will demand top dollar which has been a tough sell for many teams this offseason. The teams with the big checkbooks also already have closers so Kimbrel may need to accept a setup role to play with another contender.

Best Fit(s): Washington Nationals as a Setup Man/ Atlanta Braves as a Closer

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Logan Morrison 1B

For a league that is super top-heavy at the 1st base position, one would think big Logan would be signed right away. This, however, is the second off-season in a row that he has been forced to play the waiting game. His awful 2018 is certainly contributing to that making his 38 HR 2017 look like a fluke. He is likely looking at another 1 year prove that I’m better than Justin Bour deal.

Best Fit: Seattle Mariners

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James Shields (SP)

Big Game James has yet to sign and is still perpetually a trade-deadline piece. All jokes aside he had a decent 2018 with The White Sox (204.2) who shockingly held onto him through the deadline. I can see a 2-year deal for the big-fella but it will have to be at a bargain.

Best fit: Oakland Athletics


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