Go With The Flow Podcast: March 6th featuring Meghan MacDonald

After a minor delay, Nick and Kevin are back to bring in the latest episode of GWTF. They discuss at length John Tavares’ return to the Nassau Coliseum and the reception he got from his former home crowd. John Tortorella’s comments about NHL’s 3 on 3 overtime made the news and sparked a conversation about other potential rule changes rumored to be in the works. The Blue Jackets have put all their chips in the pot at the deadline and they are slowly starting to see themselves fade from the playoff picture. A brief shoutout to Ryan Kesler as he recently played in his 1,000th game and Nick and Kevin share their fond memories of him as Blackhawks fans. They wrap it up by bringing on LMBF’s very own Colorado Avalanche insider Meghan MacDonald to discuss the Avs’ trade deadline and what to expect going down the final stretch of the regular season and into the playoffs. Enjoy.


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