Will Trout Join Harper in Philly After 2020?

Bryce Harper signed his gargantuan contract and we can already see his long-term, not-very secret plot: to bring a World Series trophy to Philadelphia. He’s excited for the opportunity to play for the Philly fan base and he wants to win. Harper’s already eyeing who he plans to recruit.

Mike Trout becomes a free agent after the 2020 season and will either re-sign with the Angels for a long-term deal to keep him in LA, or he will uproot himself and sign a massive deal, equal to or greater than Harper’s record-breaking contract, with another city in hopes of getting some rings. In 2018 on a sub-.500 team, Trout posted a .312 BA, .460 OBP, and a 1.088 OPS. The guy is consistently displaying HoF numbers and is only 26. Let me show you how good that is. Ken Griffey Jr., the fuckin’ Kid, in his age 26 season with the same amount of time in the league as Mike Trout, posted a .303 BA, .392 OBP, and 1.020 OPS. Ken Griffey Jr. got voted into Cooperstown in 2016 and Trout is already putting up better numbers than Junior. Mark my words, Trout is going to sign the biggest contract in baseball history after the 2020 season. But what team is going to be the proper suitor?

Bryce Harper wants Mike Trout to sign that monumental contract with Philadelphia. If you don’t think I’m gonna call Mike Trout in 2020 to have him come to Philly, you’re crazy,” Harper said in an interview Tuesday with 94 WIP in Philadelphia according to MLB.com. It’s no secret that Bryce Harper wants to win a championship or two, but could you imagine Harper and Trout on the same team? They’d break a record for most dingers hit by two players in a season. They’d be unstoppable if they had a decent team around them. Not because two all-stars are there, but because of the atmosphere and hustle Harper and Trout bring to their teams. The Nats have been so-so with Harper and the Angels haven’t done much with Trout, but if you put them both in Philly, in-demand free agents will come from around the league to be a part of the carnage.

Now, there are rumors that supposedly Harper openly stating his intent to recruit Trout is illegal, but I can’t see conversations between two guys who became friends in the Arizona Fall League in 2011 being all that illegal. LeBron recruited teammates, there were talks of Kris Bryant recruiting Harper to the Cubs, but this issue of illegality wasn’t raised then.

If Harper convinces Trout to take his talents to Philadelphia and we see the biggest mega-contract dropped in sports history, Harper and Trout will be having a “Who’s Got the Bigger Dong” contest and we will all happily watch from the edge of our seats.


Drew Schroeder

I earned an expensive English degree where I studied classic literature and writing. So, naturally, I write about sports now.

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