Summit League Tournament Preview

Summit League

Mike Daum has Daum-inated this league. Awful joke but it will not be the last time you see it this March, I guarantee it. Omaha has had a nice year but do they have enough to stop South Dakota State? Let’s take a look.

2018 Champion: South Dakota State

Summit League Tournament Preview 1


1-seed South Dakota State Jackrabbits 24-7 (14-2)
Mike Daum. That’s the only reason I need. But since I have some column inches to fill I’ll also add that David Jenkins is an extremely good shooter and scorer. This one-two punch is very good and makes this team dangerous not just in the Summit League but in the NCAA Tournament should they win the automatic bid.

2-seed Omaha Mavericks 19-10 (13-3)
The Mavericks are a VERY good offensive team, like top-50 good, but they are VERY bad defensively, like bottom-50 bad. Quite the difference between the two and honestly to win they should just try and focus on the offense since the defense is so far gone. 4 of Omaha’s 5 starters shoot 38% or better from 3. This team can score but they can’t stop anyone.


3-seed IPFW Mastodons 17-14 (9-7)
IPFW scores 83 points per game, that number will need to be in the 90s if they want to win this league. They have their work cut out for them and there are much better offensive teams above them. John Konchar does it all scoring, passing, rebounding, and on the defensive end.

4-seed North Dakota State Bison 15-15 (9-7)
The Bizon (phonics) have three scorers in double figures but none of them are really that proficient. This team is alright from 3 but needs to figure out their defense to have any chance to win.


5-seed Oral Roberts Golden Eagles 11-20 (7-9)
None of these teams has a chance, not one. Kevin Obanor has had a nice season and shoots the ball well for a big man, he will need to continue to shoot well and they need Emmanuel Nzekwesi to be a much more efficient scorer.

6-seed South Dakota Coyotes 13-16 (7-9)
This is a balanced starting five for the Coyotes but they need someone to step up and be the alpha in this tournament. Lead the offense and lockdown on defense. The only chance they have is if they can count on one guy to score buckets when they need them.

7-seed North Dakota Fighting Hawks 12-17 (6-10)
RIPIP to one of the greatest nicknames in the history of sports, the Fighting Sioux are no more and it is now the Fighting Hawks. Their best player, Cortez Seales shoots the ball really poorly from 3 (23.5%) and needs to be in the 40s if they want a shot.

8-seed Western Illinois Leathernecks 9-20 (4-12)
Kobe Webster is a good player, he is one of the few Western Illinois has. He needs to play well over Mike Daum level to give the Leathernecks a chance to win the automatic bid.


South Dakota State over Western Illinois
North Dakota State over Oral Roberts
Omaha over North Dakota
IPFW over South Dakota

South Dakota State over North Dakota State
Omaha over IPFW

South Dakota State over IPFW



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