Arizona State Baseball is STILL Undefeated

My Sun Devils are currently 21-0 after defeating a fellow PAC-12 team in the opening game of the series with the Oregon Ducks. Led by colossal offense, the Devils beat Oregon 12-2 in the opening game for the weekend and have been putting up Spring Training stats, making the game look easy with the run totals they’ve putting on the board.

ASU is #15 in the rankings (which haven’t been updated since 3/17) so they’ve probably moved up a spot or two. They’re offense has been electric. They’ve scored at least 3 runs in every game this season, and only about 4 of the wins have come with closest score in sports (winning by one run for those of you who had a mental lapse). They’ve been dominating their opponents. They’ve scored 205 runs through 21 games, that’s how turned on their offense has been.

I’m hoping they run this all the way to Omaha. It’s incredible improbable, but it’d be amazing to see. I like seeing that they’ve gone 21 games and would love to see how far they can take this streak. The Sun Devils continue their series with the Oregon Ducks today at 4:00PM in another PAC-12 match up and I’m hoping they continue the amazing run their currently on.


Drew Schroeder

I earned an expensive English degree where I studied classic literature and writing. So, naturally, I write about sports now.

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