Proposed MLB Rule Changes

Proposed MLB Rule Changes 1

Major League Baseball has been looking for numerous ways to bring more fans to the sport and speed up the pace for games. Not a terrible endeavor by any means. With the average baseball fan being a 57-year-old dude, baseball needs to draw in new young fans now more than ever. To do that, they’re changing the game, which I think is the wrong move. There are some changes to rules I think make sense and some are just absurd. These rule changes wouldn’t take effect until 2020, but it’s better to nip some of these in the bud before they have a chance to.

Pitchers Must Face a Minimum of Three Batters

This screws with the strategy of the game. It’s like playing chess and limiting the movements of the knight or bishop. Managers need to be able to use their players as they see fit and I understand we already have rules about players leaving and re-entering the game which make sense, but saying a pitcher who comes into the game and obviously doesn’t have it needs to give up three hits or baserunners before his manager is allowed to take him out? I’m not all for it. You’re going to see a lot of guys faking injuries in order to maintain the strategy that was once allowed to exist and then they’re going to be forced onto the DL. However, after listening to the Starting9 podcast and hearing Evan Longoria’s opinion of the rule, he does raise a good point in saying it could potentially help hitters and offense leading to higher scoring games so this could help baseball potentially.

Universal DH

This is the dumbest rule change in baseball simply because it has taken this long for it to be done. My Chicago Cubs are in the National League and I have no idea why we’re still having pitchers stand in the box. The majority can’t even bunt anymore! The one tiny thing they were once required to do offensively and they can’t even do that. Why are we still wasting a slot in the lineup for some guy who doesn’t even want to be in there? Just let him pitch and let a big bat take his spot. Fans like long balls and fast-paced games. You want guys ripping shots into the gaps and dropping bombs and MadBum doing that once a year is not justification enough to keep him at the plate.

Remember Mark McGuire? People want bombs. We got to see Big Sexy hammer a shot over the wall. We’ve seen all we’ve ever needed to see from pitchers in the batters’ box. If you want more fans, you’re going to need more runs and adding the universal DH would certainly help that.

Pitch Clock

As a fan, when you go to a baseball game, you know how long it’s gonna be. You’re not going to a game expecting the whole thing to be wrapped up in two hours so you can do something else. You’re watching the game and I’ve been to 3.5 hour games that felt too short because there was plenty of action. I don’t think this is going to speed the game up all that much and we’ve already seen it’s been disregarded or not enforced. Pretty unnecessary. Cut some commercials instead. MLB could charge more for airtime anyway and it’s not like anyone watching the game is doing it for the commercials.

I definitely think baseball needs a makeover. Young kids and fans are enjoying other sports that involve more contact like hockey and football but baseball, a sport with very little contact, is trying to eliminate the small amount it has. As a catcher, I’d still like to see runners trucking catchers at the plate so long as it’s not malicious. No contact on the basepaths is bullshit. Don’t stand on the tracks when the trains coming through and keep your head up. Add more long balls, create more offense because awesome, electric, and nail-biting games include danger, which is runners on base and batters ready to do damage. 


Drew Schroeder

I earned an expensive English degree where I studied classic literature and writing. So, naturally, I write about sports now.

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