Is Yoan Moncada Bad for Baseball?

Is Yoan Moncada Bad for Baseball? 1

Despite the doom and gloom I sowed yesterday about Ricky Renteria’s bullpen management, there is plenty to be happy about at the 1/40th mark of the 2019 White Sox season. Perhaps the biggest of those reasons? The hot start Yoan Moncada, former no. 1 overall prospect, has gotten off to. After a disappointing 2018 where he hit only .235 with 217 K’s Moncada is absolutely lighting it up to open 2019.

I get it, it’s only 4 games into the season so stats may not mean much, but just look at these numbers Moncada is putting up so far: slashing .412/.444/.706 with 4 RBI’s, two doubles, and one Y bomb. Limited sample size, sure, but you really can’t get off to a better start than that. He’s looking confident in the box and looks like he finally may be putting it all together.

Want to look beyond the numbers? Luckily, I’m more of an eye test guy myself, and Moncada is certainly posting an 80 grade in that regard. Hey, see for yourself.

There was the game tying double in Monday’s game in Cleveland:

Doubles don’t quite do it for you? Well then how about this jack to bring the Pale Hose within 2 in Kansas City from over the weekend:

I mean, this might be the best eye test I’ve seen since Ken Griffey back in the day. Beautiful swing? Check. Swag at the plate? Check. Clutch gene? You already know it. Moncada is without a doubt, to paraphrase our fearless leader Ricky Hahn, checking a whole lot of boxes in the early going in 2019.

At this point, it looks like Moncada is going to live up to that top prospect billing this season. What’s that you say? It’s too early to put much faith in the first couple games? Sample size, blah, blah, blah. There’s a time to stick to the numbers and there’s a time to embrace meatball fandom. And folks, now is the time to pour some extra sauce on that meatball and accept that Yoan Moncada is clearly going to be the AL MVP this season.

I mean, thank God we didn’t sign Manny Machado, those numbers are really looking like a poor man’s Yoan Moncada this season. Not to mention he would’ve blocked Jose Rondon and Yolmer Sanchez from getting reps this season. What a disaster that would have been.

But I digress. This is about the guys we have in the clubhouse, not the losers who turned down the opportunity to make more money. Ride with us or get run over. And you’re reading from the Gospel of the Bus Driver.

As for the rest of the league? Prayers up to any pitcher who is going to be facing Yoan Moncada this season. Lord knows they’ll need it.


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