Virginia outlasts Texas Tech in Overtime to Capture 1st National Title

Virginia outlasts Texas Tech in Overtime to Capture 1st National Title 1

This game was dubbed the casual fan vs the real fan before it even started because of the style of play both teams like to use. Slow, methodical, and lockdown defense. Well, if you watched the first five minutes and turned it off, then you were correct because the first 5 minutes weren’t great. But this game went to overtime and gave us an additional 5 to make up for that.

From that point on this game was a slugfest. Great runs from each team. Stars finding their game and scoring big buckets. Following atrocious first half performances, DeAndre Hunter and Jarrett Culver stepped up on both ends of the floor. Culver was anything but efficient but when he scored, they were big buckets. Hunter had one of the biggest shots of the game hitting a corner 3 to send the game to overtime and scored 27 points to lead all scorers.

The bench from Texas Tech was outstanding really keeping the Red Raiders in the ball game when they couldn’t find the offense. Edwards and Francis were exceptional from all over the floor. And while Ty Jerome might have missed some easy buckets late, he still had an excellent game going for 16 points 9 assists 8 rebounds.

There will be controversy or at least annoyance surrounding the reversal of the Davide Moretti play.

Obviously I have thoughts on this. First, in live action I agreed with the initial call of Texas Tech ball. However, on the review it looked like it was clearly off of Moretti. That’s my opinion, agree or disagree if you’d like. My thoughts on reply is that we shouldn’t have to slow things down so much or zoom in so closely as to make calls that humans (officials) aren’t able to see in real time. Now, I don’t think that is the case here, because my dad even said in real time it’s off TT, but you get the idea.

At the end of the day, Virginia was the better offensive team. There’s a stat floating around that the Cavaliers trailed in the final 15 seconds of regulation in their last 3 games and won all of them. Call them the team of destiny, call them the comeback story, whatever you’d like, they’re deserving National Champions and the best team in College Basketball.

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People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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