Eloy Jimenez Destroys First 2 Home Runs

Eloy Jimenez Destroys First 2 Home Runs 1

After a wait of two weeks, yesterday was finally the day White Sox fans have been waiting for – Eloy Jimenez hit not only his first, but his first two career home runs against the Yankees. The early goings in this season have been rough for the South Siders, with the squad getting off to a 3-8 start going into last night’s game against the Yankees. None of that matters now, as the Sox pulled off a 9-6 victory, getting a save from the rain in the middle of the sixth.

But as we all know, the win isn’t the story here. It’s all about Eloy and his two missiles out of Yankee stadium. It all started in the 5th with the game tied 5-5. High leverage situation, right? And how does the AL leader in wTWTW+, Eloy Jimenez, respond? One way ticket to Bomb City:

Nevermind that this moon shot was followed by strikeouts from the murderers’ row of James McCann, Jose Rondon, and Adam Engel. Doesn’t matter one lick. Eloy ripping this shot is all that matters, it gave our boys a lead and was of course his first career home runs. After signing a massive extension to kick off the season, he’d been putting together solid contact at the plate, slashing .319/.360/.468 so far this year. The only thing missing was the power, which you had to figure would come. And baby it’s here.

And that wasn’t all from Eloy for the night. With the Yankees creeping back and making the game a one run game, the GOAT stepped to the plate in a torrential downpour with no one on. Not ideal conditions to put one in the seats? To paraphrase our 45th president, “WRONG”:

Now we’re cooking. Clearly this means two things:

  1. Eloy has figured out his power and officially arrived. Not only that, but launching missiles in Hurricane weather? Tough scene for the rest of the league, they’ll need some prayers.

2. The Sox are officially back, running rampant over the Yankees and are ready to take the Central behind Eloy’s bat.

OK fine, the second one might be a bit of a Mayor Meatball overreaction. But this Eloy is what we as Sox fans are here for this year. Sure, we have to endure Palka, Beef Wellington and Yolmer combining for a 5/76 start to the year (that’s a .065 BA for you stats people) and rough outing after rough outing from the starting staff and bullpen, but this is hope. This season is about the development of Eloy, TA7, and Moncada, at least until others are up. And right now, we have Tim hitting .500, Moncada looking like an MVP, and now Eloy launching bombs left and right. I can deal with 90-100 losses if this keeps up.

Getting games like these keeps the morale up. And as long as Eloy keeps hitting like this and putting himself in pole position of the AL ROY discussion, I’ll stay interested. A rough offseason and a brutal five game losing streak early on in the year we’re absolute gut punches, but last night’s game and Eloy’s dingers were a shot of adrenaline straight to the veins. Need to keep riding this high as long as it lasts.

Here’s to the next 23 to 58 of these nukes from Eloy this season. Get used to seeing a whole lot more of the new bash brothers:

Eloy Jimenez Destroys First 2 Home Runs 2

Yo-Yo and Eloy. The rest of the league is shaking in their boots thinking about this combo for the next 6-8 years. The train is leaving the station. Ride with us or get run the hell over.


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