Nova Dominates Yankees, Ricky Renteria Chokes in 4-0 Sox Loss

Nova Dominates Yankees, Ricky Renteria Chokes in 4-0 Sox Loss 1

An absolute tale of two games in today’s Ivan Nova Revenge game that the White Sox lost to the Yankees 4-0. The game didn’t exactly reek of a pitcher’s duel between the two starters, Ivan Nova and CC Sabathia. Not exactly the game you’d expect to see in 2019, but hey here we are.

Given last night’s 9-6 slugfest in the rain, where Eloy Jimenez ripped his first two career home runs, I was certainly expecting more runs in the Bronx today. But, Nova and Sabathia were able to turn the clock back to 2012 and put on a show. Just look at these lines from the olebox score:

Nova Dominates Yankees, Ricky Renteria Chokes in 4-0 Sox Loss 2
Nova Dominates Yankees, Ricky Renteria Chokes in 4-0 Sox Loss 3

Not too many innings for the veterans, but certainly solid starts. For Nova, this was a great outing against his former team, who had flipped him for Tito Polo back in 2016. White Sox past and present with that trade.

But I digress. The important thing about today’s game, is that Nova looked exactly how we need him to this year to support a struggling bullpen and young/inconsistent staff. 6 innings, no runs given up (we’ll get to that earned run in a minute), and an overall efficient day. This is what the White Sox need out of Ivan Nova in 2019, and if we can get in the ballpark of this every start, then trading for him is a win.

HOWEVER, Nova pitching as well as he can cannot save this team from ole Ricky Renteria. There’s Nova cruising with 93 pitches to start the 7th when he gives up a single. He’s pitching well, so you leave him in to figure out the jam, right? After all, he is a veteran. Well, hold Ricky’s beer, cause he pulled him for Jace Fry. And the result?

Nova Dominates Yankees, Ricky Renteria Chokes in 4-0 Sox Loss 4

Immediate implosion. Not ideal! If you’re more of a visual learner, you can check this out:

Obviously, this isn’t totally on the bullpen. Yolmer had a crucial error in the 7th, booting a double play that could’ve made this game go differently. Yolmer continues his tour of butchery through the early 2019 season:

My problem isn’t with the bullpen personnel or even Yolmer, I mean we know what we have there. I know it you know it, we all know it. It’s with Ricky and his idiotic decisions. I’ve been critical of his bullpen usage before, and I doubt this’ll be the last time. But this garbage needs to end. You have Nova cruising, not to mention he’s a veteran that’s been around. Why not let him go more and let a taxed bullpen rest? Isn’t that obvious?

I get our bullpen isn’t filled with lockdown guys, and we have to see what the young guys have. But this is kindergarten level mistakes in managing it. This cannot happen when this rebuild starts to turn the corner, if Ricky is still out here pulling this crap, then we’re doomed. He’s just not showing any ability to effectively manage a team.

And then Yolmer. I get it, the offense struggled today with one hit. I’m still riding the high of last night, so I won’t be too critical. But, why take out the one guy (Rondon) who had a hit, for Yolmer, who is hitting a crisp .100 on the season with a -0.4 bWAR. Everyone, except Ricky apparently, knows what Yolmer is. And again, decisions like this will absolutely kill this team moving forward. Ricky cannot be making these kinds of decisions if this team wants to turn a corner. Rondon should be playing everyday, and the fact Ricky can’t see this is an indictment of his ability to manage a team.

I’m fed up with watching horrible managing make a team without much everyday talent even worse. This team is being actively made worse by incompetent managing. I can live with losses, but embarrassing, totally avoidable situations leading to losses need to stop. Never thought I’d say this, but I would take Robin Ventura back in a heartbeat.

Ricky’s boys may not quit, but he sure as hell isn’t doing them any favors on the field.


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