Jose Abreu Leads White Sox In 12-2 Bombing of Orioles

Jose Abreu Leads White Sox In 12-2 Bombing of Orioles 1

After a slow start to the season thus far in 2019, Jose Abreu absolutely took off in last night’s 12-2 White Sox winner over the Orioles in Baltimore. With strong starts from guys like Yoan Moncada, Tim Anderson, and even Ryan Cordell (shoutout small sample sizes), the next man Sox fans were looking to for a breakthrough was Abreu, the de factor veteran leader of the team. A slow start below the Mendoza line following the worst season of his career (that still resulted in an All Star start and Silver Slugger, somehow) was certainly not ideal.

With that being said, the No-Name Tank Battalion Baltimore Orioles were the perfect team for a feast. The result? Pito went absolutely off, going 3-6 with 5 RBI’s and two runs. The icing on the cake, of course, was his 150th career home run, leaving him 2 back of El Caballo Carlos Lee for 9th all time in White Sox history.

This bomb busted the game open, jumping the lead from 4-1 to 6-1, which was certainly insurmountable for this abysmal Baltimore offense. Gotta love the oppo shot from the big man. He followed that up with a two run single a bit later in the game, pushing the game to 10-1 good guys in the 8th.

It can’t be stressed enough how important a big game like this is for Abreu. While it is only one game, here’s to hoping this wakes up Pito’s bat for good. As much as Tim Anderson may be the fire on this team, Abreu is the veteran rock that serves as a mentor to the younger players, with his value going well behind his production on the field. Not to mention, he’s the most expensive contract the Sox have ever paid, with a whopping $68MM.

If he can put up a big year and the other guys can stay hot, we might be able to hover around .500. Just maybe.

While Abreu was certainly the key cog of last night’s win, there’s some other Sox news to touch on…

Guys Not Named Jose Abreu Also Decided to Knock the Cover off the Ball Last Night

Outside of Abreu, last night’s win was an important one for the offense as a whole. Putting up 12 runs is a welcome sight, especially after a tough series in Detroit. A team like the Orioles is a team the Sox need to feast on to continue to progress, and boy did they.

If it weren’t for Abreu, James McCann would have been player of the game easy, leading the way with 4 RBI’s and 3 hits, including this missile to left:

I don’t expect 12 runs a game, but it’s an absolute shot to the veins knowing our offense is capable of this. I mean, this box score is downright sexy.

Jose Abreu Leads White Sox In 12-2 Bombing of Orioles 2

When you have Yolmer and Engel getting in on the party, you know it’s a good day. In fact, the only guy not hitting was the newest member of the 2019 team…

The Return of Nicky Delmonico

That’s right boys and girls, Nicky’s back at 35th and Shields. While likely not for long as Eloy is at home on bereavement leave, we’ll get to see what Nicky can do for a little bit.

Let’s hope we get a little more 2017 Nicky and not so much the 2018 version. It may only be for a couple days, so not expecting a miracle, but a couple decent games from Nicky would only help during this very winnable stretch for the Sox.

The Express Train for .500 has left the station!


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