Nick Saban Returns to Work Just 2 Days After Hip Surgery

Nick Saban Returns to Work Just 2 Days After Hip Surgery 1

In the least surprising news of all time, Nick Saban is back to work less than 48 hours after successful hip replacement surgery. The man is a machine and even his doctor said that following the procedure he expected Saban, 67 years old, to be back in the “very near future”.

Little did we all know was that “very near future” meant he would take one (1) full day off before returning to work. I mean this is one of the reasons that Saban is one of the best. The guy lives for this. He said previously that he doesn’t want to coach just one more year, he wants to coach a lot more and when the situation with his hip came up, he wanted to take care of it right away.

It’s just what the greatest college football coach of all-time should do. As we’ve seen before, there’s a reason Alabama is a machine and it starts at the top with Saban. I might not like Alabama but God damn do I respect the hell out of Nick Saban and this is just another checkmark in his favor.



People forget: Gordon Bombay only coached the Ducks because it was a court order.

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