Instant Reaction: Bears Draft Iowa State RB David Montgomery

Per tradition, Ryan Pace has traded up in the middle rounds to get a future Hall of Famer and this year the lucky guy to don the orange and blue is Iowa State RB David Montgomery.

Many draft pundits actually had him as the 2nd best RB in the draft behind Josh Jacobs, so it does seem quite shocking that he lasted this long, but Pace had enough time waiting around in the war room, so he called up his underling Bill Belichick and essentially forced him to hand over the 73rd overall pick. The price, while heavy, can serve as a IOU for the absolute embarrassment that took place in New Orleans in January of 1986.

I’m still debating in my head regarding how many ballots he appears on before he gets into Canton, but for now I want to share my quick takes on the newest Bear:

  1. Not a criminal

Not to pick on anyone in particular, but a reigning MVP who shall not be named willfully provided opportunity for a WR and a RB who both happen to be criminals. It’s really not surprising that 2 of them are suspended and the other is still a loser with dumb hair. The Bears now have a RB core filled with law-abiding citizens. That’s a team I can get behind.

2. Arm tape

Instant Reaction: Bears Draft Iowa State RB David Montgomery 1

Arm tape is pretty much reserved for elite RB’s. Madden had to go out of their way to add this equipment to Alvin Kamara, and now they must do that for our guy. When you have a world-renowned video game franchise making special accommodations for your organization, you’ve set yourself apart from the rest. And if you don’t look too far from where I’ve made my markings on the telestrator, you can see the captain’s “C”. It’s going to be hard to take that away from QB1, but Mitch isn’t a selfish diva like Pat Mahomes or Aaron Rodgers, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did so if it’s what the team needed.

3. High Character Guy

As I previously mentioned, he was the Captain of the Iowa State Cyclones. I also mentioned he is not a criminal. Furthermore, I have learned that Montgomery uses his leftover rent money (real estate maverick) to give to his incarcerated brother so he can buy phone time to talk to his loved ones. That’s a team guy. Additionally, he has grown close to local Iowa State super fan, 6 year-old Hunter Erb. The Athletic wrote a great story about it, but basically Hunter is a 6 year old kid who has already undergone 3 open heart surgeries, and Montgomery has spent time at the University of Iowa Hospital with Hunter and personally invited him to the combine. Just an all-around great guy and someone you want representing your franchise.

4. Bulldozer

Do yourself a favor right now and google “NCAA broken tackle record holder”. That would be the subject of this blog. David Montgomery, from what I’ve been able to gather, is nearly impossible to tackle and is a great runner after contact. Much like Jordan Howard, Montgomery is a physical runner, but is capable of more explosive plays and can catch/see out of both eyes. Nagy needed a pass-catching RB, and that’s exactly what he got. Think Jerome Bettie + Walter Payton, and you essentially get David Montgomery.

That’s all I got for now, but as we get to know more and more about David Montgomery and our other future picks, I’ll let you know what to expect next year and beyond.


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