James McCann, Likely 2019 MVP, Continues to Terrorize the Sport

James McCann, Likely 2019 MVP, Continues to Terrorize the Sport 1

As the White Sox rolled to a 7-2 win over the Blue Jays yesterday, one of the early season trends for the team continued: James McCann is very difficult to get out. Hitting 5th in the lineup, McCann had a 4 for 5 day, raising his average on the year to a crisp .376. For those of you analytics folks who aren’t fans of batting average, the numbers come out to a 1.029 OPS and an OPS+ of 177, which I’m told are quite good.

But wait – catchers need to to be able to throw out runners, right? Any evaluation of a catcher can’t just be about their bat. Lucky for you, James McCann has that covered too.

I mean, he does it all. And, with Yoan Moncada and Tim Anderson slightly cooling off, the MVP race in the AL is wide open. So, I’d like to officially announce Jimmy’s MVP candidacy here today. Let’s take a look through the resume.

  • White Sox leader in WAR at 1.5 (bWAR). In a Murderer’s Row of a lineup filled with MVP candidates, this is certainly impressive.
  • Best Cleanup Hitter in Baseball. When James McCann gets slotted into the fourth spot in the lineup, he activates a new level of dominance. But, because he is a selfless team player, any spot in the lineup will do. Even hitting 7th in Baltimore on a weeknight can’t bring this man down.
James McCann, Likely 2019 MVP, Continues to Terrorize the Sport 2
  • Ripping the ball to a .467 BABIP clip. It really takes a skilled hitter to get the ball to miss gloves at this type of rate. We’re looking at 2017 Avi Garcia levels of dominance in that category. Lest we forget the MVP award that was inhumanely stolen from Avi and given to Jose Altuve by the (gulf) coastal elite media.
  • 80 grade eye test. This is easily the most important stat in baseball, and James McCann leads the league by a wide margin, with Headband Yoan in a distant second. I mean, just look at the guy. That’s my MVP.

I think the results here are clear. Get used to saying it: James McCann 2019 MVP.

The only thing that may stop him? Ricky Renteria continuing to play Beef Wellington Castillo and his 62 OPS+ behind the dish. If Ricky continues to bench McCann, we may need to get the police, national guard, or the Avengers involved to end this atrocity.


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