TA7 Continues to Own the Haters and Losers

TA7 Continues to Own the Haters and Losers 1

After launching a home run Friday night to get some revenge on Randal Grichuk, Tim Anderson (TA7 for the uneducated) came out swinging at the haters and losers on the twitter.com yesterday.

This time, the victims are MLB Central’s panel of geniuses, including Mark DeRosa and Al Leiter. I’ve spoken and written on this topic ad nauseam for this site, but I’m always ready to climb on the soapbox to come to the defense of TA7.

I mean, just listen to these clowns – “emotionally bothered” over a bat flip. “I would bring my kid to the car if he threw his bat like that”. The respect for the game here is just oozing from the screen. If that’s me, I’m taking my kid home if they hit a moonshot to the second level and DON’T throw their bat at least 15 feet in the air.

Some may grow tired of TA7’s repeated references to the Bat Flip Heard Round the world, but to those haters and losers among us I have a simple message: Pump the brakes on the unwritten rules respect. This is making baseball fun, and Tim continuing to take swings on twitter makes this rough season for the South Side more tolerable.

It’s creating a platform for him, and if he uses that for good, that’s great. I mean, it was announced this week TA7 is donating $500 per stolen base to anti-violence efforts.

And who’s one off the league lead in steals on a perfect 12-12 run so far? If you guessed TA7, you’re damn right.

TA7 Continues to Own the Haters and Losers 2

Showing out on the field and making a positive impact in the community. That’s my god damn shortstop.

To paraphrase the man himself, Ride With Us or Get Run Over. Keep that stick talk going, TA7.


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