Ryan Cordell Breaks Out Suicide Squeeze, Sox Win 4-2

Ryan Cordell Breaks Out Suicide Squeeze, Sox Win 4-2 1

The slow climb to .500 for the White Sox keeps getting closer, as the South Siders pulled off the win last night thanks in large part to a Ryan Cordell suicide squeeze in the 8th. After years of showing an absolute inability to use the bunt properly, Rick Renteria finally had one go his way in the 8th last night. Who would’ve thought?

To set the stage: the game is tied 2-2 in a pitchers duel between Marcus Stroman (makes sense) and Dylan Covey (huh?). Charlie Tilson hits a single to move Yolmer to third with one out in the 8th, bringing Cordell to the plate. Knowing Ricky, I think we all saw what was coming next – a throwback to Ozzie ball to take the lead.

All arguments about the effectiveness of the bunt aside, I’ll at least say this – watching Cordell lay down a properly executed suicide with Yolmer sliding in ahead of the tag is absolutely beautiful to watch. Sure, it could have cost them an out and/or run, but aesthetically this was awesome. Hopefully this doesn’t get Ricky too carried away and makes him go full Ozzie, but when this works I’ll give some credit.

Hell, I’ll even ignore the fact he sat James McCann, a man who is obliterating the ball and should be at least DH’ing every day, and TA7, our heart. Not to mention this came a day after sitting Yoan Moncada, which of course raises the very logical question of why those three wouldn’t just sit on the same day, but whatever. Ricky is going to Ricky. Of course.

But alas, maybe the lineup was constructed right. Maybe in honor of Northwestern Day, Ricky was trying to show us how smart he really is. Yeah, I’ll go with that.

Of course, the insurance run immediately following Cordell’s suicide, a sac fly held up after replay, certainly helped here. And, having a legitimate closer to nail the door shut certainly doesn’t hurt either.

9-9 in save opportunities is a beautiful thing to read. Not to mention, we’re 20-22 now, 2 games under .500, 3 games behind Cleveland and 7.5 games behind the best team in baseball (for now), Minnesota. We’re a win streak and a Twins cool-off away from being in striking distance. Sure, I don’t expect us to make the playoffs with this roster, but it really makes you think what could have been if you added some legitimate pieces in the offseason and maybe if not every pitcher in your system (and one OF) needed TJ/arm surgery…

But hell, here we are. We’re left to have Ryan Cordell breaking out the 05 magic, leading the way to a 4-2 mid-May win over Toronto. We got the bottom of the order producing (for at least one night) and guys not named Tim Anderson, Yoan Moncada, Jose Abreu, and James McCann contributing. If guys like Cordell, Nicky, Tilson, et al can produce something and help us win some games where our stars sit, that’s huge for making this season entertaining. Can’t complain about a box score like this…

Ryan Cordell Breaks Out Suicide Squeeze, Sox Win 4-2 2

Not to mention, we had Dylan Covey, of all people, leading the way through a dominant pitching performance.

Ryan Cordell Breaks Out Suicide Squeeze, Sox Win 4-2 3

I have zero delusions, I’m not waiting with the “LeTs SeE wHaT wE hAvE” crowd on Covey. I know what he is, and it’s not an ace. But if he can keep us in games, let the offense score runs, and hand the ball off to an improving bullpen backhanded by Herrera and Colome, that’ll do for our 5th starter in 2019. With guys like Covey, being serviceable is a win.

Yeah, I’d rather have Dallas Keuchel or Patrick Corbin or even Gio Gonzalez, but we don’t. So, outings like this are sorely needed with all the injuries we have, at least until Cease comes up.

So here we stand, two games away from .500. We may not make the playoffs, but hell if we can get to that .500 mark, stay there for a bit, and have some interesting games in June/July for our younger guys to experience, that’s an ideal 2019 given the circumstances. Wakey Wakey, Cleveland.

Ryan Cordell Breaks Out Suicide Squeeze, Sox Win 4-2 4

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