Author: Steven Campbell

The Wild, Wild NL West 1

The Wild, Wild NL West

So what in the world is happening in the wild, wild west? Well, that’s quite the loaded question—where to begin?

So Long, Old Friend 2

So Long, Old Friend

Crime of the Century: Bartolo Colon DFA’d Ladies and Gentlemen, I never thought we would see this day. Surely after 19 years as a pro...

The Darkest Age Has Just Begun 4

The Darkest Age Has Just Begun

Jay Cutler is THE WORST QB in the NFL. Given the arm strength and above average raw ability that analysts love to talk about, I...

Give me more K’s 6

Give me more K’s

Why Strikeouts are Good for the Game of Baseball Photo Courtesy of Associated Press Last year, the Chicago Cubs averaged 9.37 strikeouts per game. Yes,...