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Italy Out

The 2018 World Cup is one with no Dutch, no Chileans, no Americans, and now no Italians. In one of the most upside down World Cup cycles ever shock strikes again. Italy is four time World Cup Champions and has played in every single World Cup since 1958. To not be able to qualify for the World Cup brings on a sense of sadness and panic. Shame Italy won’t be in Russia, but they have won just one game at the World Cup since winning it in 2006. That was against England, obviously…… — Mark Ogden (@MarkOgden_) November 14,...

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Saga Over: Duchene to Sens, Turris to Preds

It had been apparent for a long time: the Colorado Avalanche and center Matt Duchene needed to part ways. General manager and Avalanche legend Joe Sakic held onto Duchene past the 2017 NHL Draft in Chicago after the team had a dismal 2016-17 campaign, finishing with a league-worst 48 points. It created an awkward beginning to training camp and start of the 2017-18 season, where Duchene reported to training camp and said he basically was only there for his teammates. But his presence probably made it awkward for them, as well. Shortly into this season, the saga has finally...

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MLS Playoffs, Save The Crew, and #MLS2Cincy ?

This time of year is peak season for Major League Soccer. The decision day has passed, the play-in games have been played, and the MLS Tournament is off and running. In quick recap, the Chicago Fire were extinguished at home against the New York Red Bulls by a score of 4-0. Vancouver advanced past San Jose by a score of 5-0 and move on to face Seattle. The Columbus Crew beat Atlanta United on the road in a thrilling match that was decided in penalties (3-1 Crew) after neither team could break through ending in a 0-0 draw. Houston...

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The USA Hockey Olympic Jerseys are Out and They are Something

Yes, Olympic Hockey is right around the corner. Another Winter Olympics that I get to watch and say how will the United States lose to Canada this year. While we still have a few months before the US Team gets my hopes up only to have them brutally let down, it is time to see the sweaters they will be wearing. USA Hockey Unveils Nike 2018 Olympic/Paralympic JerseyReplica Jerseys Available at — Bucci Mane (@Buccigross) November 1, 2017 I have no idea where to start with these jerseys. It kind of looks like the US hockey logo...

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Catalonia 2-0 Madrid

Let me just say, as a writer, I hate to mix sports and politics. Yet, every so often the two cross paths, today is one of those days. Earlier today 12th place Girona beat La Liga powerhouse Real Madrid 2-1. Yes, this is super embarrassing for Real Madrid. In terms of Spanish soccer in La Liga only three teams are super relevant, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Atletico Madrid. To have a top three team take an L to a team that is out of the top 8 is crazy. Shameful score line aside, Girona is a team located in...

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