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Russia Banned From the 2018 Olympics

Anyone who has read this blog over the past year and a half knows I absolutely LOVE the Olympics. I spent pretty much every moment of every day in the summer of 2016 watching the Rio Games and it was awesome. I am beyond excited for 2018 in Pyeongchang, but we’ve got some big news just a few short months ahead of the torch being lit. The entire Russian Federation has been banned from participating in the Olympics, just 4 years after hosting. The country’s officials are banned, the flag will not be shown, and they will not play...

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Russia And Canada Swap Talent For Brawls With Early Showcase Of NHL-Less Olympic Hockey

In a preseason game between Russia-2 and Canada, the two teams WENT AT IT, giving us the first taste of how the 2018 Olympics are going to be without NHL players being allowed to play: Even though it's just a preseason for Team Russia-2 and Team Canada, it's still good old time 🇷🇺 vs 🇨🇦 game. #SochiHockeyOpen — KHL (@khl_eng) August 7, 2017 This is highly against the rules in international competition. #SochiHockeyOpen — Steven Ellis (@StevenEllisNHL) August 7, 2017 I know the talent is going to go down for certain, but it is going to be really...

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NHL Swings and Misses on Opportunity to Market Marquee Players in 2018

Let’s say you’re a hockey fan on the East Coast like many people. You may know of the star power Connor McDavid possesses out in Edmonton, but you may not have time to watch a hockey game two time zones away. Or because you are a casual hockey fan who only tunes in deep in the playoffs or for international tournaments, you don’t have the best idea of what a McDavid or a Johnny Gaudreau provide on the ice because they play in Canada with a major time difference. The same can be said for emerging West Coast hockey fans...

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Karate's Big Break? Welcome to Tokyo 2020

Everybody is aware of the existence of martial arts, but in many cases, that’s the extent of it; general awareness that martial arts are a thing with no knowledge beyond the highly inaccurate stereotypes derived from the Karate Kid movies (thanks a lot, Ralph Macchio).  Yes, there is the UFC and MMA, but each sport in its own, non-aggregated form is forced to live out a very underground existence, especially in the United States.  There are several layers to this as not everybody that practices martial arts views them as a sport.  Whether for sport, self-defense, art, or personal...

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Ryan Lochte: 2016's Josh Shaw?

Jeah, man, it totally happened. Or did it? As if things weren’t bizarre enough in Rio, tonight comes news of U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte possibly fibbing about his story about being robbed at gunpoint at a gas station along with three other teammates early Sunday morning. You may recall the 2014 story of USC defensive back Josh Shaw spraining both his ankles jumping off a building and claiming it happened in order to save his drowning nephew. That’s always a classic excuse and right up there with the dog chewing up an assignment. The good thing for Shaw is...

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Reactions to Hope Solo's comments are why athletes can't be honeset

The USWNT lost in devastating fashion in the Olympic’s first ever penalty shootout. The Americans equalized in the 77th minute against Sweden on an Alex Morgan goal. The game went into extra time where both teams scored goals that were waved off on controversial calls. After 30 minutes of “scoreless” action the teams went to penalties, one of my favorite things to see in all sports. The United States shot first and it was Alex Morgan who stepped up and poorly hit a shot that was saved by the Swedish keeper. Hope Solo got the US back in it...

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Why Today's Gold Medal Match for Rugby Sevens Matters

Awash in a sea of thousands and thousands of hours of Olympic coverage, the trained eye can find 14 minute snippets of pure bliss. 2016 is the inaugural year of rugby being included in the Olympic Games (15s used to be played but was removed after the 1924 Games when the USA demolished France). At some point in the future, I’ll have a break down for Americans to understand the wonderful game of rugby but since this is sevens, there really isn’t a whole lot to it. 7 men (or women, shout out to gender equality) face off against...

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What to Watch Olympics Day 8

Friday August 12th Archery/Track and Field 8am/7c NBCSN Men’s individual round of 16 competition continues in Archery, American Brady Ellison looks to continue his run through the tournament and add to the silver medal he won in the team competition. Track and Field finally starts in the Olympics, there will be plenty of preliminary rounds as well as medals being awarded in the Women’s 10k. Women’s Soccer (USA v Sweden) Noon/11c NBCSN After a surprising draw against Colombia in the final group stage match the USWNT advanced as the winner of the group and will take on Sweden in...

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What to Watch Olympics Day 7

Thursday August 11th Track Cycling and Fencing 5pm/4c CNBC Track cycling, the sport where the athletes wear the predator looking helmets and fly around the velodrome. The British typically dominate the sport and I don’t expect that to change this Olympics. Fencing continues with medals being awarded in the Women’s team epee. Table Tennis and Volleyball (USA v Brazil) 8pm/7c NBCSN Men’s medal round will take place in one of the greatest sports to watch in the Olympics. The skill level of these guys is off the charts, they stand upwards of 15 feet away from the table and...

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What to Watch Olympics Day 6

Wednesday August 10th Men’s Water Polo (USA v France) 9am/8c NBC Boy do the United States need this one, after back-to-back losses to Croatia and Spain the US is on the ropes and in desperate need of a win. The offense picked up against the Spanish but there just wasn’t enough time for the Americans to complete the comeback. France is also 0-2 and in need of a win after dropping both games to Montenegro and Italy by 3 in each game. Look for the Americans to bounce back and get the win. Men’s Soccer (Brazil v Denmark) 9pm/8c...

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