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Big Ten Conference

Big Ten Tournament Preview

It’s been three years, but I can finally write one of these previews without talking about how much the Big Ten sucks. This year the...

B-Fox and B-Frank

B-Fox and B-Frank Show: Season 3 Episode 2

The B-Fox and B-Frank show is back for the 2nd episode of season 3. The Brians open the show with an extensive look at the mess at Ohio State and their thoughts on how the University, Urban Meyer, and the fanbase handled the situation and decision to suspend the coach for the first three games. 

2018 Big Ten Tournament Preview 4

2018 Big Ten Tournament Preview

There’s been a lot of belly-aching recently, largely from those within the league, that the Big Ten isn’t getting enough respect. The reason for that...

Hate Week: Michigan-Ohio State 6

Hate Week: Michigan-Ohio State

Ah the last week of regular season college football. The most hateful of hate weeks. Michigan and Ohio State will be meeting for the 111th...